which phone you should get in 2019?

Astonishing Phones of 2018:

So in this article I am going to cover the best phones of 2018 or (Phones you should get in 2019) so without any further tattle let jump right into it (Yeah! I am watching too much Clever programmer) and one more thing to consider is that these phones are Astonished in my opinion:

5 - Huawei Mate 20 pro:

                                      This is the best phone with triple camera setup  with 7nm kirin 980 Snapdragon processor with Glossy look and one modern feature is In-Display Fingerprint scanner and With fastest charging technology. 

4 - IPhone XS Max:

                                      This is the 4th best phone in my opinion because it has the best camera with improved face recognition but the there were 3 to 4 or more gates were found thats why its not the number 1 phone of 2018.

3 - Google Pixel 3 XL:

                                     This is the 3rd best phone of 2018 with the outstanding camera and with the simple decent stock android experience.

2 - Oppo pocophone:

                                      This is the 2nd bestest phone of 2018 which is on 2nd position because it gave us the high-end specs in low price(not too low in Pakistan) with SD 845.

1 - Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

                                      This is the 1st bested phone of 2018 which is on the top peak of the article because it comes with 6.2in QHD+ super amoled display with curved display with 8GB of ram with its wireless technology and with variable camera aperture which makes it unique then all the smart phones of 2018.